Statutory Prosecutions

Commercial, professional or public activities routinely involve a range of regulatory and compliance-based oversight.  These frameworks always entail scrutiny.  And even with the best proactive strategies and policies, clients can still be confronted with allegations of wrongdoing.

These problems can arise in a multitude of settings and contexts; including Workplace Health and Safety matters, Securities or other Regulatory issues, Environmental and Natural Resource concerns, Insurance situations, Electoral investigations, and other general Licencing activities.

Whether these alleged shortcomings are the subject of a formal prosecution in Provincial Court – or before an administrative body whose jurisdiction includes the ability to impose damaging penalties or other sanctions – skillful counsel and representation throughout the process is indispensable.

A number of our litigation lawyers assist clients in navigating through these challenges.  We assess risk and exposure.  And we identify appropriate management strategies. We effectively pursue approaches to containment and resolution, while vigorously advancing every available defence.